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Location Tracking Technology

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location tags for personnel and staff, visitor location modules, tracking software for human location

The Tag (RFID)

Each of our battery powered active RFID tags continually broadcast a unique Radio identifier signal every 1.2 seconds, which uniquely identifies all personnel and/or asset in the system.

Wireless Location Modules (WLM)

Our location beacons (WLM) are strategically located within and around the buildings, the read zone of each beacon is individually adjustable to detect tags/badges within that specific zone/area. The read/range- zone of each beacon can be adjusted to read badges/tags as within as little as 0.5 metres up or up to 50 metres. Our location beacons report the precise location of the badge/tag in real time to a central Ethernet enabled reader, which can deliver this information via a LAN or WAN.

The RFID Readers

Our RFID readers receive signals from any number of location beacons within their read zone. The readers can be tuned to read all the badges/tags within a 0.5 to 50 metre zone. The benefit is that this system architecture allows cost us to effectively locate any number of people and assets with pinpoint accuracy in real time.

Unlike USID, RFID signal travel through solid objects walls, floors, ceilings etc. The RFID readers send the location information to a software application which is located on a server. The software application enforces the business rules and monitors the specific zone in real time.

The Tracking Software Web Application

Our web enabled tracking application software is designed to run on desktop PCs, Laptops, tablets and smartphones. The user interface simple, it is compatible with all the major modern web browsers, and runs on basic hardware

Applications of Use

Systems are fully customisable we provide a full design, installation and maintenance package to suit your needs, our patented products are proven in several industries and sectors.

how our real time location tracking systems works

The Benefits of Using Real Time Locations


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