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Lone Worker Tracking

The Real Time Lone Worker Tracking system is designed to help protect your employees and raise an alarm when they are working alone in a hazardous area or need assistance.

Lone worker with personnel safety and monitoring from Real Time Location.

System Overview

The Real Time Lone Worker Detection system comprises of personnel badges; detectors detect all employees' badges in each room or area. Each badge transmits RFID or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal every 3 seconds, the badge individually identifies the employee to the system. The detectors are tuned to detect all employee badges in each room or area. When less than 2 people are in a room or area the system sends an email and/or text message to the designated personnel, the affected employees' location is displayed on a television or computer monitor. Devices are available with a distress and fall sensors.

How Our Lone Worker Security Systems Work

How our personnel tracking tag and software system works

Lone Worker Monitoring & Safety Solutions for:

  • Office Workers
  • Construction Workers
  • Factory Workers
  • Any Lone Worker within a Building

The Benefits of Using Real Time Location

Large brands & global companies use our tracking systems

Real Time Location are the leading provider of tracking solutions

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