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Personnel Tracking Solutions

What are your health & safely requirements? Real Time Location constantly monitor the precise real time location of all personnel and visitors.

Track your visitors, staff and personnel throughout  your office, building or warehouse, quickly, efficiently and safely

With a Real Time Location Personnel Tracking System, you will be able to monitor the location of your staff and visitor movements at all times and in real time throughout your premises. Monitoring is done remotely with no need for staff compliance and with a permanent record of their movements. The security benefits are obvious but the reduction in staff costs is another key benefit.

Some key sectors that currently utilise our patented RTLS systems are manufacturing, shopping centres, data centres & various high security premises.

The system is designed to accurately identify where staff and visitors are located while they are on site. No effort is required by staff or visitors the system constantly monitors their location in real time.

System Overview

Each person is issued with an RFID personnel badge/tag , which transmits Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) signal which uniquely identifies them to the system.

Battery Powered Wireless Location Modules (WLMs) are located at strategic points doors, workstations, within corridors throughout the site. Each WLM is configured to detect personnel/badges within range of the read- zone (between 0.5 & 5 metres). As staff and visitors move around the site their badges are read by the WLMs. The WLMs transmit the unique ID of the tags they read to a central reader.

The central readers are able to receive signals from up to 50 WLMs. The RFID readers are connected to a PC workstation, where the software application is situated. The system monitors the location of all staff and visitors in real time.

All staff and visitors can be assigned access rights to areas within the site, staff can be paired with visitors, if the visitor becomes separated from their host, the system can instantly send a message to an appropriate member of staff.

The system can instantly respond if someone is located in an inappropriate part of the site. The system will automatically monitor the location of all staff and visitors in real time and instantly report access control breaches.

How our personnel tracking solutions work

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The Benefits of Using Real Time Locations


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