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Pupil Safety System Specification

The Real Time Student Safety System is designed to monitor the location of staff, pupils and guards in schools, colleges or university campus'.

In the event of an emergency or drill in a school or education establishment, pupils, staff or visitors can automatically be directed away from the danger zone. Security personnel and staff can be given location information to help improve the security of VIP's and vulnerable groups.

Track your students safety, staff and guards throughout your campus building or education establishment, quickly, efficiently and safely

System Overview

With a Real Time Student Safety System everyone is issued with a badge/tag which transmits a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) signal which uniquely identifies them to the system. The badge/tag transmits its ID signal up to 50 metres. Wireless Location Modules (WLM's) are placed at strategic locations such as entrances/exits. Each WLM has a unique ID which identifies the location to the system. The WLM's record all movement of staff, pupils and guards when they are in or they enter/leave each building. During a drill or real emergency, the system records the location of personnel, students, and visitors in real time. It provides fire Marshalls and security personnel with a list of people who remain in the area affected "danger zone" via a web interface on their smart phone or tablet.

To prevent people from entering the danger zone the system can be integrated with fire alarms systems, to direct people away from the area. Teaching staff are able to locate students quickly and easily.

System Components

  • 868.95MHz, 867.9MHz, 915MHz UHF Active RFID System
  • Reader device with Ethernet & RS422 interface
  • Wireless Location Module
  • Personnel badge/tag

RFID Reader

  • The reader receives wireless location module transmissions within a range of 100 metres
  • Wireless Location Modules and Personnel badges/tags operate on different frequencies to reduce collisions
  • The readers respond to several instructions sent from a connected PC

Wireless Location Module

  • 5v 200mA Power Supply
  • Read personnel badge/tag transmissions within a configurable range based Receive Signal Strength Indication (RSSI)
  • Able to transmit any personnel badge/tag within its range to the Reader
  • Read range adjustable 0.5 to 50m

Personnel Badge/Tag

  • Battery Life up to 5 years
  • Low Battery Indicator

Student / Pupil Tracking Suitable For:

  • Schools
  • University Campus'
  • Colleges
  • Any education establishment

How our student safety tracking solutions work

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