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Asset Tracking Solutions

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Track your assets and equipment in real time with our location tracking solution

Real Time Location Asset Tracking Systems are patented hardware and software products and are proven in many industries and sectors and to our clients the benefits are immediately apparent. While the potential applications for RTLS are huge, it can pass on immediate cost savings and vastly increased efficiency.

An Asset Tracking system from Real Time Location can save you valuable staff time by locating high value, mission critical equipment, minimizes losses through misplacement or theft and reduces the need for excess inventory.Fewer assets of course means reduced capital spend on portable assets, the additional benefits are cost savings on maintenance, servicing, storage depreciation.

Our Asset Tracking Systems are utilised and/or are able to deliver value in several sectors including, Security, Defence, Government, Research Facilities & Universities.

System Overview

Each asset or item that is required to be tracking is assigned an RFID tag , which transmits Radio Frequency Identification RFID signal and uniquely identifies it to the system.

Battery Powered Wireless Location Modules (WLMs) are located at strategic points doors, workstations, within corridors throughout the site. Each WLM is configured to detect the tags within range of the read- zone (between 0.5 & 5 metres). If the tracked items are moved around a building, the tags are read by the WLMs. The WLMs transmit the unique ID of the tags they read to a central reader.

The central readers are able to receive signals for up to 50 WLMs. The RFID readers are connected to a PC workstation, where the software application is situated. The system monitors the location of all staff and visitors in real time.

The system can instantly respond if a tracked item is in an inappropriate part of the site. The system will automatically monitor the location of tracked items in real time and instantly report access control breaches.

How our asset tracking solutions work

how our equipment & asset tracking tagging system works

The Benefits of Using Real Time Locations


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