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RFID Overview

User friendly, efficient and reliable

The Tag (RFID)

Each battery powered active RFID tag continually broadcasts a unique radio signal which identifies it to the RFID system every 1.2 seconds. The tags are worn or carried by personnel and/or attached to portable assets which uniquely identifies each person and the assets to the system.

Wireless Location Modules (WLM)

Wireless location Modules (WLMs) are strategically located within and around the buildings. The read/range-zone of each WLM is adjustable to detect tags and badges within that specific zone or area. The read range zone of each WLM can be adjusted to read badges or tags between 0.5 metres and up to 80 metres. The WLMs transmit radio signals to the readers to report the exact location of the badge or tag in real time.

The RFID Readers

The RFID readers receive radio signals from all WLMs within their read zone. The readers can be tuned to read all the badges or tags between 0.5 to 200 metre zones. The benefit of this system architecture is that it allows the system to effectively locate any number of personnel and assets with pinpoint accuracy, in real time.

RFID readers transmit the location of personnel and assets to the software application The software application monitors the real time location of all personnel and assets and enforces the individual business rules.

Web Enabled Software

The web enabled tracking application software is designed to run on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The user interface is simple and compatible with all the major modern web browsers.


Systems are fully customisable we provide a full design, installation and maintenance package to suit your needs, our patented products are proven in several industries and sectors.

How our Active RFID solutions work

Personal Tracking

how our real time location tracking systems works

Student Safety

how our student tracking systems works

Asset Tracking

how our real time asset tracking systems works

Muster/Roll Call

how our real time location muster roll call systems works

System Components

  • 868.95MHz, 867.9MHz, 915MHz UHF Active RFID System
  • Reader device with Ethernet & RS422 interface
  • Wireless Location Module
  • Personnel badge/tag

The Tag (RFID)

Wireless Location Module

  • 5v 200mA Power Supply
  • Read personnel badge/tag transmissions within a configurable range based Receive Signal Strength Indication (RSSI)
  • Able to transmit any personnel badge/tag within its range to the Reader
  • Read range adjustable 0.5 to 50m
  • RFID Wireless Location Modules Data Sheet // Download pdf

RFID Reader

  • The reader receives wireless location module transmissions within a range of 100 metres
  • Wireless Location Modules and Personnel badges/tags operate on different frequencies to reduce collisions
  • The readers respond to several instructions sent from a connected PC
  • RFID Reader Receiver Data Sheet // Download pdf

location tags for personnel and staff, visitor location modules, tracking software for human location

The Benefits of Using Real Time Location

Large brands & global companies use our tracking systems

Real Time Location are the leading provider of tracking solutions

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